The New Ferrari Sports Car With a Lighter Weight

Along with the changing tastes of the world sports car enthusiasts who want a vehicle characterized by a large force but remains easy to control at high speeds, the car manufacturers were competing against each other for redesign their sports cars product which will be released this year.

Ferrari decided to cut the weight issue of the 2013 California sports car by 30 kg from the previous generation. Ferrari California showing the latest on events Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in England last weekend. According to the weight reduction, called the latest generation of Ferrari sports car by the name of California 30.
The new California, 30 kilos lighter with 30 more horsepower, needs just 3.8 seconds to hit 0-100 kph. (Picture from:
Although now much lighter weight of the car, removed the power capacity of 4.297 cc V8 engine have increased. Ferrari engine experts make change on the old machines and gain power by 30 hp.
Ferrari California 30 at Geneva Motor Show. (Picture from:
Turn the engine power 490 hp coupe design that makes the car was able to open the roof soared from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. That means 0.1 seconds faster than earlier generations of 2009 California model year. Indeed, the differences are small, but significant enough for the fans speed.

Ferrari launch California 30.
(Picture from: PIKIRAN RAKYAT 06072012)
Not only the engine, Ferrari engineers also added a competent car control technology. Among these technologies is a system of shock absorbers which increase steering response by 10 percent.

Similarly, the ability of the Electronic Control Unit which rose 50 percent, so much faster in reacting.

In the new Ferrari California also have additional features to prevent the car body sway during cornering unstable at high speeds. The result, released 30 Ferrari California premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 is claimed to be more responsive to achieve high speed, but are easier to control so much more comfortable.

Ferrari California was designed as a sport for women and beginners. Therefore, the design is not made macho, but more impressive elegant and graceful. Despite the energy released as the engine still excellent.

California produced a total of 27 units per day or about 6,000 units a year at the factory Maranello, Italy. California is the first Ferrari car in history to use a V8 engine in front, and use the 7 speed dual clutch transmission, and equipped with a folding metal roof. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 06072012]
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