The Danger of Today's Pentecostal Black Church Fellowshipping with All Denominations?

Since we have heard various black and white denominations condone homosexuality and support the president's decision on gay marriage, we feel God wants the true Pentecostal black church and other races of Pentecostal churches to refrain from fellow-shipping with various denominations.   The reason is so clear, there are other issues that should offend the body of Christ and that is the AME church supporting President Barack Obama in this coming presidential election, Dr. Frederick Haynes of Frederick West Baptist Church allegedly defending the president's stance on gay marriage and even the Episcopalians moving closer to allowing transgender Ministers, according to The Church  Back in the early 1990's, it was already very odd to see denominations coming together, many of us wondered how long it would last, since not all of them believed in the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Now, many pastors, both black and white are supporting the president over God's Word and in our opinion, it is not acceptable within the body of Christ.

We would like for the true Pentecostal church of all races to unite and avoid fellow-shipping any longer with any denomination that is supporting gay marriages, transgender ministers and any other activities we know our God does not agree with.  We strictly desire to only fellowship with believers in Christ whom have the fear of God over humanity.   Specifically, today's average black church that calls themselves, full gospel or Pentecostal are in danger, simply because they have chosen to fellowship so much with all denominations, they have ignored God's commandments against sin.  They are afraid to speak up for God's Kingdom, for fear of what their friends of various denominations will think of them, although they do know Christ said He would be ashamed of us, if we are ashamed of Him (Luke 9:26).  This is a very major issue you should be concerned about and if your pastor is making light of it, he nor she is not called to be the Shepherd over your soul.  You need to realize whenever we learn that the Presbyterian church may have voted against the redefinition of marriage, but allegedly accepted a transgender child, according to the Washington Post, we cannot afford to lose our souls and fellowship with them or any other church that is allowing that sort of behavior.

Please take heed and remain distance from various denominations before you began agreeing with what is against God and His Word.   Please acknowledge, it was a lie from Satanic forces for pastors within the black church or any other church to preach God wanted us to fellowship with all denominations.   Now, we know it was always a lie.   It seems as though since President Obama has been in office, too many children have came out of the closet as gays, lesbians and transgender.   This is an alleged demonic spirit we are dealing with and as true Spirit-filled believers, we should by now realize God never desired for all denominations to fellowship.   How can we unite unless we be on one accord as the scripture does say, 'Can two walk together, except they are agreed?(Amos 3:3)?'  Therefore, when we hear of pastors, bishops and evangelists within the black church or so-called Pentecostal multi-cultural Word church teach it is time to put away all denominations, beware of that an old and outdated lie, because we cannot be one church, if various denominations are condoning homosexuality, same-sex marriage and transgender among adults and children.   If you are truly saved, then you should realize that it was an ancient myth that began back in the early days of the birth of multimillion dollar corporate and mega ministries.  These cunning church leaders have always preached God does not agree with division, when in fact, man-made philosophies have crept into God House and even dominating the minds of people against God's commandments.  It has always been the trick of the enemy.

If you listen to Angelica Zambrano, the tour who went on a tour with Jesus Christ to heaven and hell. You will hear her allegedly say, Jesus told her for the church to go back to the old way.  Therefore, those of us whom are true Pentecostal, we must obey God, because being holy in not tradition, it's just right and we cannot be holy around various denominations whom are opposing God's Word. God never wanted all denominations to unite, unless we all agreed on His Word against all sins. 

Source: The Church
Source: the Washington Post


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