Have Celebrity Preachers Stopped God's Miracles Performing In the body of Christ?

In the history of the American Pentecostal church we can recall many powerful preachers who were used by Jesus Christ to lay hands on the sick and raise the dead.  A. A. Allen was one of the most popular ministers and it was not just because he was on national television,  but it was because people actual witnessed God using him in front of thousands of people.  Sick people would actually go to these revivals for chosen men and women of God to lay hands on them.  The reason why we do not see miracles happening within the body of Christ today, is simply because there are too many celebrity preachers whom have their mind focused on fame and fortune.  Some of them are not walking with Jesus Christ, they just mention Him when they speak, but they are not actually allowing Christ to operate through them.  These days, the average preacher who call themselves Pentecostal desire to not be known as a Holy Ghost filled woman or man of God, but they desire to mingle with various 'worldly' celebrities and denominations to make sure they are getting more money through tithes and offerings.  

The average celebrity preacher like Joel Osteen or Bishop T. D. Jakes knows if you mingle with celebrities or be seen with them in the media, then the more popular you are.   Obviously, just by being seen on national talk shows like Oprah Winfrey, many people will be more likely to send in tithes and offerings and of course, if they are in the Houston area, they will attend Joel Osteen's church, for example.   Look at all of those thousands of people on that above snapshot from the video below.   Can you tell us, if miracles have been performed just like back in the days of A. A. Allen?  If so, how come we have not seen people being shown healed from various sorts of diseases on television?   Also, if the saints of God are going to continue to watch television, they we need to only watch ministers whom are allowing God to use them not only to heal the sick, but also to raise the dead, simply because we are living in a wicked age and sinners need to see God is still working miracles.   Among many of these celebrity preachers, we do not see miracles working before followers of Christ , except in the ministries of Benny Hinn and Prophet Carn, allegedly.  Specifically, Benny Hinn shows God using him laying hands on people, maybe not raising the dead, but we have seen him claiming he has allowed Jesus Christ to work miracles through him.  Then, Prophet Carn is another man of God who has shown Jesus Christ moving through his ministry, we have even seen blind eyes opened through Carn's ministry. However, we need to see more evangelists and preachers operating their ministries based on miracles, no longer being known as celebrity preachers.  The only response we may receive from Joel Osteen is that he does not have that type of ministry, but it just does not seem right to stand before millions of people without letting people see the manifestation of God working miracles, in our opinion.  Now, of course, the scripture says in Ephesians 4:11, 'And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers'  However, the problem is, we do not see many of them allowing Jesus Christ to work miracles through their ministries.

Satan and his demons are ruling not only the world, but also the church.  If there were more ministers allowing God to use them like A. A. Allen, Kathryn Kuhlman, Amy McPherson, Prophet Carn, Benny Hinn (?) and others, then there would be more seriousness within the body of Christ.   We need an overflow of the Holy Spirit and we are not speaking of conferences, but we need to go back to revivals and even tent revivals when people would come in off the streets and willingly surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.   The authority of God's Kingdom needs to prevail here on earth, not the world rule the church.  Christians are not supposed to fear the laws that work against the body of Christ and oppose God's Word, but we are supposed to be operating under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and it is not going to happen if we continue to spend our time listening to celebrity preachers whom drive their Rolls Royce's and live in their upscale condos, but not getting souls healed, delivered and set free.   It is time for us to see the dead raised among true men and women of God who will no longer waste their lives on giving honor to celebrity pastors and not glorifying Jesus Christ.

Now, we looked at the difference between Joel Osteen and A. A. Allen and you may say that in Allen's day, it was a different era, but the gospel of Jesus Christ and His miracles in operation has nothing to do with trends for specific times.  What God will do back then in the 1960's, he will do now in the 21st century. In Hebrews 13:8, the Bible says, 'Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.'  We as true saints of God have to be more serious about God's business and stop falling for these celebrity preachers whom preach out of God's Word, but squirm, every-time they are asked if God or themselves agree with homosexuality.   We are not supposed to fear man, but we are supposed to have so much power, demonic forces inside of people whom test us will have no choice but to get scared and flee.   We are living in a day and time now when we need to go back to complete holiness, which is not tradition that many pastors claim.  Holiness is living what is preached and then when God purifies the righteous man or woman of God, then all sorts of miracles and wonders take place.

A. A. Allen

Joel Osteen


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