Google Chrome Finally Appeared on the iPhone and iPad

Just a few days after launch, the Google Chrome browser for iOS directly skyrocketed and became the most downloaded applications on Apple's iTunes Application Store. This browser is available free of charge and can be run on the iPhone and iPad.

Google Chrome iOS application was officially introduced at the Google I/O, that followed by the application developers on June 25, 2012. The presence of Google Chrome iOS makes the experience of surfing gadget lovers iDevices more faster.

Emergence of Chrome iOS in the event coincided with the introduction of the Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and the Google's first tablet, Nexus 7.

Chrome logo.
Safari logo.
Google Chrome iOS becomes a threat to Apple's iOS platform default browser, Safari. Therefore, Google Chrome iOS offers a number of advantages, such as Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google+ social media.

Even so, Apple's Safari browser will continue to ensure that worn by the user's iPhone or iPad. Third-party applications, like Google Chrome, not allowed to be in the default program to open a document or link in the iOS.

Google Chrome has been competing with Microsoft Internet Explorer to become the most widely used browser. The Chrome for iOS has some uniqueness, of which the user can perform sync tabs, bookmarks, and passwords of their PC browsers. *** [T3 | TECHRADAR | FIRMAN | KORAN TEMPO 3927]
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