Eric Brown, 41 accused of molesting teenage girl, 13 at church caught in NC

Eric Brown (shown above photo) was arrested in North Carolina for molesting a 13-year-old girl.  Brown is a former employee of Zion Baptist Church in Southwest Atlanta.  He molested the child at church, 3 or 4 times, according to the child.  When the N.C. news aired and showed his face, Brown was taken into custody.

This case among many others should really wake up the body of Christ, because we not only have problems of churches wanting to condone homosexuality, but we have also heard of too many cases of child molestation.   God cares about children and does not desire for them to be violating in or out of the church.  If a child cannot be safe in the church, then how can they ever trust anyone?  How can they even know that God loves them, after they have been violated in a place where they are supposed to not be afraid of adults?   Don't you see, this is why many children grow up in the black church and do not want to go back, there are too many painful memories they endure.  

This is why we say there needs to be more strict guidelines, regarding to how churchgoers conduct themselves.  There needs to be background checks on individuals whom are employed by any church.  There needs to be a fine line between adults and children. The environment in God's House needs to be so holy, a person like Eric Brown would be afraid to commit such an act on a child or anyone else.  

Man accused of molesting teen at church caught in NC

By Ryan Young


A teenaged girl said a former employee of Zion Hill Baptist church molested her.

The girl's mother told Channel 2's Ryan Young the family is dealing with pain and betrayal.

Channel 2 Action News is not identifying the mother in order to protect the identity of the child.

"He inappropriately touched my child. She went to another adult because I stopped them from communicating. According to my daughter it happened three or four times," the mother said.

"The mother filed a report about molestation at a church on Campbellton Road in Southwest Atlanta...Read full article, here.

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