Engineers Create One Gigapixel Camera

The Aware-2 camera is by no means
a point-and-shoot, but it demonstrates
the future of digital photography.  
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Engineers from Duke University and Carnegie Mellon University developed a camera with a resolution of the order of gigapixel. The camera is used for military reconnaissance technology the United States, but could be developed for commercial purposes.

Researchers named the AWARE-2 camera, measuring 75 x 75 x 50 centimeters. 1 gigapixel resolution obtained from 98 micro-resolution 14-megapixel camera. This camera can capture an area of ​​120 x 50 degrees.

"This is a camera that could change the trend," says robotics expert from Carnegie Mellon University, Illah Nourbakhsh.

The Aware-2 gigapixel camera 
with some of its many micro-
cameras. (Picture from:
Micro cameras record images on duty at the same time so as to produce an image like a patchwork. Then stitched patchwork image using the software named Gigapan developed by Nourbakhsh.

Photo stitch technique was carried out by researchers of biology and archeology. Tailoring aims to improve image resolution. Each picture is taken in turn for a few hours, and then stitched using a computer.

AWARE-2 record images simultaneously within and immediately sutured. Thus, the entire image capture of the event. This camera can record three images per minute.

Researchers have tested the camera at Pungo Lake, North Carolina. The result, hordes of geese that swim in the lake from a distance of several kilometers can be seen very well. Another picture shows the panorama of surrounding buildings in Seattle, Washington.
Photo result with the Aware-2 camera. (Picture from:
Now, researchers are trying to repair a camera that can record ten images per second. Making research is planned to cost U.S. $ 100 thousand. If the mass is made, the price of the camera can be lowered to U.S. $ 1,000.
Another photo result of the Aware-2 camera. (Picture from:
They also plan to add a micro camera so the resolution can be increased up to 50 giga pixels. *** [NATURE | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3922]
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