Celebrity Boxer Evander Holyfield Moves Out Of His Foreclosed Atlanta Home

It must be a very sad day for celebrity boxer Evander Holyfield.   He is moving out of his foreclosed Georgia mansion.  He owed millions of dollar, according to TMZ and could not come up with a deal when trying to negotiate with banks.   Now, Holyfield must leave his suburban estate.  Possibly, he has some other purchased properties and may not be left out in the cold.   

Since the recession, we have seen many luxurious estates of celebrities foreclosed.   Evander Holyfield is not the first famous person to be forced of a foreclosed property.  Although, he was worth millions of dollars at one time, times change.

In the meantime, we will keep Evander Holyfield in our prayers.

Evander Holyfield Boxing Up Foreclosed Georgia Mansion

Evander Holyfield couldn't fight his way outta this one ... the former heavyweight champ is finally moving out of his foreclosed Georgia mansion after failing to strike a deal with the bank.

TMZ broke the story ... Holyfield owed more than $14 million on the 54,000 square foot mega-mansion...Read full article, here.

Source: TMZ.com
Photo Courtesy: http://bossip.com


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