Atheist Files Complaint over Restaurant Church Promo: 'Here we go again'

If you are a regular reader of AT2W and SCR, you will recall us doing previous stories about atheists.  Now, here we go again with another one complaining about a Christian business owner, Sharon Prudhomme of Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen, giving discounts to churchgoers.   We ask you, what's wrong with God's children caring about others within the body of Christ?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, because we are the family of God and are supposed to care about our sisters and brothers.  Now, if this man who is filing a complaint against Sharon Prudhomme's wants to come into the body of Christ, He is most welcome to do so.

Furthermore, it seems like some people who do not believe in God, just do not want Christians to have any peace, because if it not pledging to the American flag, prayer in the schools, it is something else they find to complain about.   It seems like there is an alleged Satanic influence going on in this country and it is time for the saints of God of all races to unite in revivals, because it is obvious, we are dealing with a spiritual warfare. 

We pray that this 80-year-old atheist, John Wolff surrenders his soul to Jesus Christ.

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Atheist Files Complaint over Restaurant Church Promo
An atheist is turning up the heat on a Pennsylvania restaurant for giving discounts to churchgoers.
John Wolff, 80, has filed a complaint against Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen, in Columbia, Pa..
The elderly atheist is upset that the restaurant offers a 10 percent discount to any customer who brings in a church bulletin...Read full article, here.


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