Youth pastor Gregory Forehand Abuse accused of sexual abuse against teen: Why are many ministers possessed with the demon of child molestation?

This youth pastor, Gregory Forehand of Real Life Christian Church, a popular church in Chesapeake, Virginia  has now been arrested for sexually abusing a child.   It seems like things are getting much worse among ministers whom are supposed to be leading God's children.  Ministers within the black church and even ministers of other races are in rebellion against God, because they would rather yield to their lustful desires.  However, we wonder why they have strong desires to satisfy their flesh with children?   Obviously, there an alleged demon assigned to control those ministers whom have rebelled against God.

 Saints of God, we have to deal with these issues. Many people always wonder why we present articles about crooked pastors, bishops and evangelists, but if we want to stop all of this nasty business within the church, we must do God's work and chase the Devil out of the body of Christ.   You see, for some reason, Satan has a stronghold on many ministers and they are fooled into believing they can mess around with kids and get away with it, but God said not so.  God wants ministers whom are guilty of molesting children to willingly resign from their ministries, so we can deal with other issues like gay marriage that has been trying to combat against God's Kingdom.  We can no longer deal with anymore distraction within the church, because God is expecting us to be warriors and oppose certain issues that are trying to dominate are nation and even abroad.   We have more issues than gay marriage, we've got children changing their sex, transsexuals being allowed become ordained ministers in a certain denomination, we are dealing with a denomination that has opposed corporal punishment.   Therefore, if these ministers are attracted to kids and teens, they need to get out of the ministry, we have no time to for them to be popping up in news around the nation, every time they get caught in one of these nasty scandals.   The only way to stop these child molesters in the pulpit, is for those whom are completely holy to demand church leadership to lay down regulations within their churches, even if it is the head.   Someone has to be so close to God, they will bring this before the board of the church to make sure there are no more scandals of these ministers molesting children.

Many of these ministers are allegedly demon possessed and are not in full submission to God's will and whomever is giving them these positions are not listening to God's voice, because if they were prophetic, they would be able to sense their lustful demons before hiring them.   'Stop now,' thus saith the Lord, before He brings wrath on the church worst than ever before.  Although, this minister, Forehand allegedly committed these crimes between 2005 and 2006, it never should have happened and God is not pleased.

One of the biggest problems within a lot of today's ministries is they have removed the cross and conducted God's House as though it is just an ordinary corporation. If you noticed the church sign in the above photo, there is absence of a cross, which should reveal the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and this has been going on for too long around the nation.   If there is no cross, on the sign or even within the sanctuary, then how can God take authority over the church and protect church members of all ages?   Since the removal of the cross on most properties of modern day churches, we have had enumerable cases of child molestation among ministers.  Therefore, it does not surprise us many of them have been allegedly possessed with the demon of child molestation.

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Youth pastor accused of sexual abuse

by Rachel West 

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) - Virginia Beach Police are searching for possible victims after officers arrested a local pastor accused of sexually abusing a teen between 2005 and 2006. Grazia Moyers with the Virginia Beach Police Department said officers received information from a victim that a youth pastor at Real Life Christian Church sexually abused him..Read full article, here.

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