Celebrity News: Comedian Phyllis Diller Dies at the Age of 95

Famous comedienne Phyllis Diller has died in Los Angeles, California.  Unlike many other celebrities, she lived a long life.   Over the years, many celebrities died before their time, but Phyllis Diller was in good health for most of her life and was blessed to live until she was 95 years old.  

Phyllis Diller opened the doors for many female comediennes we see now and according to KTLA, she began her career in the early 1950's as a standup comedienne.  She also did voice-overs at a popular radio station in Oakland, California.  She allegedly worked at KROW and KSFO while residing in Alameda County, according to wikipedia.org.  Diller could be seen on various late night shows, making many viewers of all ages laugh around the country and also starred in various movies.

For some reason, people always thought she was the mother of Susan Lucci and Robin Strasser were both the daughters of Phyllis Diller, according to various source neither of the three were ever related to each other.  The alleged rumors began in the 1980's, according to

May Phyllis Diller rest in peace.

Comedian Phyllis Diller Dies at the Age of 95


LOS ANGELES -- Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller has died.

Diller died at her L.A. home, surrounded by family.

She was 95.

Diller was recovering from a fall and had been sick for the last few months.

She had been living in...
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