Florida Pastor Charged with Sexual Assault on 2 Young Boys, Charges Dropped But Now Re-Arrested [UPDATE] | AT2W

Sanford, Florida Pastor Charged with Sexual Assault on Two Young Boys

Just another day that the Lord has gave in the unveiling of the filthy and unrighteous out of the church. We thank God for uncovering what is in the dark to the light and all prayers go out to the families and the victims involved.

Read Report below:

*According to WESH news, a Florida teacher and pastor is facing serious charges. Sanford police have charged Jimmie Blake with sexual assault on two boys.

Investigators are looking into whether there are more victims.

Blake is a special education teacher at Winter Springs High School. He’s now on paid leave.
The victims, ages 12 and 18, told police they suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of Blake.

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