Hollywood Celebrity News: 'Top Gun Director' Tony Scott Committed Suicide by jumping off Vincent Thomas Bridge

Every year, we hear of famous celebrities passing away, sometimes from very tragic circumstances.   Now Hollywood has lost a very successful director who brought famous celebrities to the big screen.  Tony Scott, director of 'Top Gun' and 'Crimson Tide' has allegedly leaped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, after his long battle with brain cancer.  

We do not know for sure if brain cancer is what caused Tony Scott to kill himself, but something caused him to suddenly end his life.  When one goes through pain of any type of cancer, sometimes they are driven to take their own life and unfortunately Scott could have been going through extreme depression, because of excruciating pain.

Many fans of Hollywood celebrities are very fascinated with all of the fortune and glamor, but they often forget there is a lot of stress for not only the actors and actresses who are seen on in blockbuster movies, there is an enormous amount of stress for the directors and executive producers whom create their productions.   Their creativity on the big screen may bring them millions of dollars, but behind all of their fortune, there are always personal struggles in life, whether emotional or even physical issues.  In this case, unfortunately, Tony Scott may have been very loved and adored by many celebrities who depended on him for work, but he was enduring physical pain and evidently, it was too much to bear.

Tony Scott was married to his wife Donna and they have two young sons together.  May Tony Scott rest in peace and we are praying for his family during this time of bereavement.

Tony Scott’s battle with inoperable brain cancer may have driven ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Crimson Tide’ director to suicide leap from Los Angeles bridge 

Older brother Ridley Scott spotted at Heathrow Airport in London boarding flight to L.A.

Action movie maestro Tony Scott reportedly battled inoperable brain cancer before he jumped from a Los Angeles bridge and died Sunday.

ABC News reported the diagnosis citing a source close to the famed director...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: http://www.nydailynews.com
Photo Courtesy: Gus Ruelas/AP


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