Pastor in Dearborn suspended after arrest on suspicion of dui in the nude

On Monday, Pastor Peter Petroske has been suspended for not just driving under the influence, but also in the nude.  He also had a laptop in the car with him, but police are not saying what he could have been looking on it.  However, he has continued ministering to his flock, even after the occurrence.

SCR readers, we are children of God and of course, we can feel God's anger, every time a pastor or any other type of minister in the church gets arrested.  Of course, God made our bodies and we are not ashamed of it, but we are very sure he does not want any of us to reveal our nudity to the public.   Anyone could have seen Rev. Petroske, children or even adults who would not want their spouses looking at him, although he was in the car.  Now we do not know what type of car he was driving, but if it was low enough for drivers or even passengers to see and if they had of been riding in a pick-up truck or a van, his nudity could have been in plain view.  It's just not something you go around doing, not even in hot weather.  Pastors nor the flock should ever be caught in the nude, publicly.

If pastors cannot have the decency about themselves to cover up while driving under the influence, then how can they ever expect lost souls to respect them and even look to them for guidance?  Do not get us wrong, a DUI is bad enough, because Rev. Petroske could have killed someone on the road.  God does not understand neither one, driving under the influence or being in the nude, publicly.  Saints of God, this country needs to get back to biblical principles, because we are witnessing many ministers whom seem to have no conscious in what they do, these days.   If you can recall, on our videos page, we revealed Minister Mary K. Baxter on video who has went on a tour with Jesus Christ to hell and there were ministers among the sinners, never to escape eternal fire.   We must pray for more pastors whom are serious with God and fear Him while claiming to be true messengers of Christ.

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Peter Petroske, Michigan Catholic Priest, Suspended After Alleged Naked DUI

After a Catholic priest allegedly drove through Dearborn, Mich., intoxicated and naked, the Archdiocese of Detroit has put him under indefinite suspension.

Rev. Peter Petroske, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, was arrested late Thursday night, according to the Detroit News, and faces charges of disorderly/obscene conduct...Read full article, here

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