Pastor Garry L. Tyson Shot in Road Rage Incident: Why are ministers violently attacked in the (black) church?

We are not just referring to the black church, but all ministers of the gospel have been violently attacked all sorts of ways, recently.   If we want God to halt these tragedies, we have to get down to the root of the possible reason why several pastors have been shot in cold blood, either if they were robbed at gunpoint in their homes or even discovered dead in their pulpits, like the case of the late Rev. Carol Daniels in Oklahoma.   We do not know this couple, so we are not insinuating why this pastor, Rev. Garry Daniels was shot for no reason, but spiritually, there is an answer to all of these horrific situations that have occurred over the years.

People were stunned in the previous case that occurred back in 1991, involving the very prominent pastor of Houston, Rev. Paul Jones whom was shot dead in his house.   However, Jones knew the person, a younger man who had stories to tell in court about their discreet alleged acquaintanceship.  In this case with Pastor Tyson, he did not know his shooter.   Therefore, whether a minister knows his shooter or not, there is a spiritual answer as to why he or she could have been violently attacked or brutally murdered.  Of course, we live in an extremely evil world and Satan is out to destroy those whom are spreading the message of Jesus Christ.   If you will recall, lately, several ministers have been spiritually attacked just for holding Bible studies in their homes or even praying with their football teams.   Things have gotten much worse for ministers within the black church or any other church, and it is time to adhere to God's expectancy.  What is the expectancy?  To no longer put up with foolishness in the house of God, which is carnality within the modern day church.   As a man or woman of God, we cannot be afraid to be different and that is, to be holy.   Many well-known ministers are opposing holiness, twisting it as though it is tradition, when in fact, it is absolutely not tradition, it is God's commandment for all true Christians to live righteous in and out of the House of God.  In I Peter 1:16, the Bible says: 'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy.'  There is a spirit that has been trying to destroy ministers of the gospel and as you can see, this pastor did nothing wrong, but walk up to a dark-tinted window when he was shot and almost killed.   Therefore, this shooter was demon possessed and he soul was on an assignment by Satan to take this man's life.   Overall, the entire body of Christ needs to return to revival and constant fasting and prayer.  The hip-hop gospel and christian rock movement in the church is not going to bring the anointing to stop such horrific tragedies from taking the lives of God's preachers in many pulpits today, across America.

Thank God, Pastor Garry Tyson's life was saved and as you will hear on this following video, he admits he could have been laying in a casket, his wife a widow and his children, fatherless.   However, we want the entire body of Christ to take heed that the Devil is on a mission and he has not stopped trying to take the lives of our ministers in the pulpits of many black churches and also pastors of other churches, across this nation.  Like Pastor Tyson said, if he had not of turned, he would have been dead, but it was most definitely God that controlled his body to turn, so he would not take the bullet in another area of his body.   God uses various chilling situations, such as this one to get the entire body of Christ attention.   He wants all churches to yield to His will and to His way and not compromise with the world, such as agreeing with homosexuality and gay marriage.   Pastor Garry Tyson and his wife, First Lady Nicole Tyson probably are very sincere Christians, but God may use innocent people to get the attention of the rest within the (black) church to wake up and start living holy and preaching complete holiness.  Let us assure you, this is not just an issue for the black church to take heed, but there are also other several prominent pastors whom were shot dead through home burglaries and other incidents.   What did the Bible say about always being alert for the enemy?  In I Peter 5:8, it says: 'Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.'

In the meantime, we will be praying for Pastor Garry Tyson and his family.  We praise God he survived this violent attack and the shooter has been caught by police.   We also pray for the shooter to surrender his soul to Jesus Christ and to repent for what he has done not only to this pastor, but possibly to other victims.

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Pastor Shot in Road Rage Incident RENTON, Wash. -- Pastor Garry Tyson described his Wednesday night as an encounter with pure rage. 'My wife could very well be a widow, and my children could very well be fatherless,' said Tyson. Tyson's wife Nicole and son Marques were driving home...Read full article, here.
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