Celebrity News: Tamia And Grant Hill Celebrate 13 Years Of Marriage, It's God they both are also still here

This is just wonderful to see, a celebrity couple's marriage lasting 13 years, but we were are also happy to see they both survived two different illnesses that could have took their lives.  Through their struggles of health issues, it was nothing but God they are yet alive.   In regards to their marriage, not even in the church, do we hear of many long-term marriages.   This marriage lasting 13 years reveals that men and women can make it work, but only when the marriage is joined by God and obviously Grant and Tameria were meant for one another.

At Tamia World, we noticed Tamia suffered with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  and he suffered MRSA in the same year of 2003.   Do you realize they both could have been dead?   However, we were disappointed to not read anything about the goodness of God, after surviving those two illness.  We wonder do either of them believe in God and are they Christians?  If not, they need to realize God is the One they have survived two life threatening illnesses, and it would be wise that they both serve Him and testify of His goodness.  Therefore, it is not just their marriage we celebrate, but also their existence.  If they both are children of God, we would like to know about it, maybe we missed it somewhere on Tamia World website or even Grant's website.

In the meantime, we will be praying for this married couple, Grant and Tamia Hill and hope they remain together many more years. They make a very nice couple.

Coupled Up: Tamia And Grant Hill Celebrate 13 Years Of Blissful Matrimonydom

Grant Hill And Tamia Celebrate 13 Years Of Marriage

Real-life basketball wife and R&B songbird Tamia recently celebrated 13 years of marriage with her NBA baller-boo hubby Grant Hill.

The mommy banger and her...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy: Bossip.com
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