Celebrity Hollywood News: Oprah Winfrey Tops Forbes' List Of The Highest Paid Celebrities Regardless of Lost Millions

Oprah Winfrey made it to the top of Forbes' list of the highest paid millionaires in show biz.   Although, she may have lost over 100 million dollars since she launched her OWN network, she is still making a lot of money.  Interim, many celebrities have had their mansions foreclosed, she has not lost one home, if anything she is allegedly selling the condominium in Chicago.   Oprah is not hurting much as we thought, although over 100 million dollars is much less than what she would have kept as a daytime talk show host.

According to Access Hollywood, Oprah claimed she ended her daytime career as a talk show host after 25 years, because she wanted the next level.   However, she really has nothing to complain about while many homeless people are waiting for her and other celebrities to open up a shelter for them.  Oprah brings in about 165 million dollars over other celebrities.

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