Why are some women in the black church willing to risk catching AIDS from preachers?

As you know, two days ago, we received the news about Pastor Craig Lamar Davis alleged previous love affairs with his victims.  Two women allegedly came forward, accusing the former pastor of Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta of not informing them of his HIV diagnosis.  We must continue to discuss this issue, because for some reason there are still some black women whom will risk their lives to sleep with preachers of the black church, even if they know they are married.   Is lust that irresistible to these church women not to think about the possible fatal consequences that not only will cost them their lives, but also cause more pain on the wives of these preachers whom maybe also infected with the AIDS virus?  Unfortunately, it seems like the only time we could get a lot of preachers of the black church to talk about AIDS, is after the famous author J. L. King wrote his book, 'On the Down Low', but now since many of them are trying to advance to the celebrity status while gaining more money through tithes and offerings, the issue seems dead.

Unfortunately, it seems as though many black pastors and evangelists are worried about their image as they are yet trying to keep up with the big time preachers.  They are more concerned with keeping their favorable recognition and association with pastors and bishops of mega ministries.  Many of them have avoided any further discussions of black men infecting black women with AIDS, possibly it is because their colleagues could be also infected with HIV and they just do not want anyone to find out.   However, there have been consequences for the discretion of many preachers of the black church whom desire to remain silent on the issue that has been yet killing our black women.   As some of them remain preaching sermons on motivation, the subject of abstaining from sin has been irrelevant.   They live as though there is no God having any authority over their ministries and the sermons they preach while some of them are secretly having sexual rendezvous with men and women.  In the meantime, their wives are suffering while hiding their secret of carrying the AIDS virus, they share with their husbands.   These first wives of preachers within the black church whom could be infected with AIDS often face their husband's followers as though they have a perfect marriage with an air of prestige.   However, when one of their husband's lovers come out and confess their past affairs and possibly being at risk for HIV/AIDS, they do not become activists for black women, instead they remain very silent and obscure. 

The question is, why are some women in the black church willing to risk catching AIDS from some infected preachers, after the fact many other women have died?  To be honest with you, many women within the black church are in love with titles, they want the type of men who has a big title behind his name with a big position.  Although, they my acknowledge some of these men are bi-sexual, it is still enticing to them to have discreet sexual affairs. In many cases, many black women whom were infected and died of AIDS, caught it from preachers in the black church and before their deaths they disrespected other black women for the men whom infected them.   In some cases, we know some of the deceased black women caught it through birth through a blood transfusion in the early days of AIDS, but specifically in some cases within the past 15 years, some black women were full of lust and some married these infected preachers and did not know he had AIDS.  In this case of Rev. Davis, he has a wife and possibly some children and these women who allegedly claim they had affairs with him had no respect for his marriage.  Now, we do not know how Rev. Davis caught HIV, if it was from a man or woman, but either of these black women could be at risk for AIDS and possibly more.   

One question we need to ask is this, since these women are supposedly churchgoing women how did they think God felt about their discreet affairs with Rev. Craig Lamar Davis?  They both were not only ignoring how his wife may have felt about their discreet sexual affairs, but also God.   No doubt, they often were spiritually fed the Word of God through this man.  The fact remains, Davis status cannot cure them, if someday they should catch the disease.  

SCR message to all church women in the black church is this, after you have had you repeated  15 or 20 minutes of fun sessions with a preacher with a title behind his name, do not act as though you are innocent.   You had forewarning after warning when you heard of many of these black men in and out of the church infecting black women with AIDS over the years.  You knew many black women died and you were not willing to wait on God for your own man.   You knew many black women died of AIDS when you continued to go into that bed with that preacher.   Also, you knew God was watching you and whatever you did in that bed with the preacher, whether he was married or not, you knew God did not close his eyes when both of you were naked.  After you accept Christ, you belong to God and He always has his eye on you, beholding the evil and the good.   If you have been sleeping around with these black preachers in the pulpit, repent now woman, thus the Lord, for many black women are yet dying, because of their rebellion and so are the men.  Many of you are seeking lustful pleasures, instead of being righteous and not avoiding fornication and adultery and God says He is not pleased.  Repent, women in the black church before you end up like thousands of other black women whom had lust in their hearts for the preachers, rather than a hunger for righteousness.

Furthermore, many of you women in the black church whom have had affairs with these preachers who have not been tested, we would advise you to do so, immediately.   Just because the pastor, bishop or evangelist you slept with may preach as though he is holy, it does not mean he is not infected with AIDS, you better do the right thing and go to the clinic.  If you are infected, do not put all the blame on him, accept your partial responsibility for not only having unprotected sex, but committing fornication or adultery with him.  Do not ever think what has happened to thousands of black women would never happened to you, just because the man you slept with is a preacher. Realize this is how many women in the black church caught AIDS and died.   You do not know how many other men and/or women he could have had sex with and don't be silly, just because he is married, it does not mean he is the most healthiest person.  Believe us, if he had an affair with you outside of his marriage, there were possibly many more.


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