Travertson Presents the Unique & Luxurious Motorcycle

Travertson is one company that specializes made ​​luxurious and innovative motorcycle. The plan the company is headquartered in Florida, the United States, until now Travertson has made V-REX and VR-2.
Travertson VR-2. (Picture from:
As in previous models was designed by Christian Travert, the bike from the first appearance seems a prop from the sci-fi movie coming to life. Designed and built in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, V-REX features a Harley-Davidson V-Rod motor and use H-D electrics. However, V-REX was recently updated to include two models called V-REX 2. It includes a new steel subframe as well as license-plate bracket that includes an LED tail/brake light.
Travertson V-REX. (Picture from:
The other features of the bike include digital speedometer, LED turn signals, custom paint as well as ultra boutique options for the adventurous nerds include a custom engraved fuel cap, acrylic wheel centers, vertical chrome tank strap decorated in crystal and Swarovsky letters of your choice. The updated version of the 2008 V-REX is to cost U.S. $53,990.
Travertson V-REX 2. (Picture from:
During this chassis and engine used Harley-Davidson (HD). However Travertson Incorporation refused to say as part of the HD. Travertson was an independent company.
Travertson V-Rex 2013. (Picture from:
Transverton has targeted the automotive collector market segment, which is where this particular new version will be done jointly between Travertson and SolidWorks and launch the V-REX 2013 model at the beginning of September 2012.

By holding SolidWorks expected to display charming V-REX 2013, futuristic, luxurious and more unique. The concept is to balance the beauty of design and performance.

Until now not known how much money must be spent by an enthusiasts to take home the newest V-Rex 2013 bike.*** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TRAVERTSON | AUTOMOTTO]
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