The Rev. Greg Laurie Preached at Harvest Crusade to Thousands

Pastor Greg Laurie's Harvest Crusade attracted thousands of people this past Saturday.  It is obvious, He is chosen for this appointed time.  God is really using Rev. Laurie to reach many people in the 21st century.   Of course, not many ministers of the gospel are calling people into repentance, but it seems as though Rev. Laurie is un-apologetically  allowing God to use him.   

Not many ministers preach of God's agape of love for humanity, but Rev. Greg Laurie informed souls the importance for them to repent, regardless of the sin, according to The Church Report.  It is wonderful to hear a man of God talk about focusing on God and not let negativity get in the way, regarding Christianity.

Thank God for Rev. Laurie's Harvest Crusade and we sincerely hope it spreads across the nation, so lost souls can humbly yield to God's expectations for repentance and full obedience to His Word.  Furthermore, we will continue to keep Rev. Greg Laurie in our prayers.  

Harvest Crusade Packs the House

ANAHEIM -- The Rev. Greg Laurie warned a crowd of 41,000 at Angel Stadium on the first night of the annual Harvest Crusades Saturday night, Aug. 25, to not break God's commandments -- but then told of God's forgiveness for any transgression, no matter how grave.

“Even when we're sinful, God loves us,” Laurie said. “Whatever you've done, God loves you.”

Laurie's sermon was entitled, “How to Find Personal Happiness,” and he talked of celebrities' desperate attempts to find pleasure through...Read full article, here.

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