Black Church Disgrace: Rialto pastor, Anthony Lavon Smith accused of sexually abusing 2 girls

This is so sad, what has become of the black church where people are supposed to be getting delivered and set free?  Suddenly, even if these pastors have done their dirt years ago, their skeletons are being revealed and it looks very ugly.   We have so many preachers in the black church caught in the act of molesting young boys and girls, we cannot keep up with the stories. This case, involves a whooping preacher by name of Rev. Anthony Smith.   He sounds like an old fashion preacher that moves along with the drum beat and organ tune every second during his ermon, but behind it all,  he has allegedly molested two teen girls, one a 29 year-old relative when she was 17 years old and the other one is 17, but is allegedly occurred when she was only 11 years old.  

Of course, we always pray for our ministers who preach the gospel, but we have to also pray for God to deliver them, if they are bound to sin, because they cannot continue to act as though they are leading people to Jesus Christ, if they are in spiritual bondage of lust, themselves.  You ever heard of the saying, 'it's like the blind leading the blind?'  This is why we feel the black church is so messed up today, we have got too many spiritually blind preachers in the pulpit that have not totally surrendered their souls to God and many followers in the pews are receiving spiritual food from them.  This is very dangerous how spirits can easily transfer from one person to the next, but many times, when a man or woman of God is up preaching and if they have spiritual strongholds of any type of sin, it will most definitely be transferred into those whom receive spiritual food from them.   In this case, allegedly, this preacher has had a demon of lust for young girls and although, it was years ago, they maybe experiencing some emotional trauma in their lives, because of it.  One of the victims is a relative, which reveals Rev. Anthony Smith was allegedly incestuous while carrying the status as a minister.

On both of these following videos, you can hear him preaching as though he is stirring up the congregation with his whooping style, but it is so sad to admit, it will not do him any good now, because two young women have came forward admitting he sexually violated them.

To our knowledge, Rev. Anthony Lavon Smith is the pastor of Jericho Baptist Assembly Church in Compton, California.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for both female victims and also pray that Rev. Anthony Lavon Smith repents for his previous sins.

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Here's another video of Rev. Anthony Smith preaching:

Rialto pastor accused of sexually abusing 2 girls

A San Bernardino County pastor was arrested, accused of sexually abusing two young girls. 

Anthony Lavon Smith, who was arrested Tuesday, lives in Rialto but he works as a pastor at the Jericho Missionary Baptist Church in Compton.

The 47-year-old is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl that's been...Read full article, here. 

Source: abclocal.go 


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