An Ex-Pastor’s Journey to Atheism: God gives everyone a free will to serve Him

It surprises us how many African Americans have left God, after He freed us from slavery in America.   We pray for this ex-pastor of the United Methodist Church, Dr. Annalise Fonza, because her journey seems to have been a very hard one, possibility not understanding God, but being confused by man-made theology.   You know, God is very real and created so many things around us to prove His existence, regardless of the evil we face in this world.   First, humanity of every race, animals, heaven and earth.   Specifically, God has proven His existence to African Americans by releasing us from the satanic forces of slavery.   We must not forget our ancestors were in bondage for over 400 years and He made a way for us to receive His Word.  Now, no matter how our ancestors received God's Word, we got it and He set us free, just like the children of Israel, after they called upon Him.

Before African Americans were free in America, atheism was unheard of within the black community.   It is so sad to admit, but the fact is, when African Americans had a much difficult time in this country before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, it was not a popular thing for them to become an atheist.  It was the black church that united in prayer against white supremacy and they believed God for us to some day be free and have the same equality as white Americans.   The black church was a place to run whenever there was friction within our society and God was present every time a soul called on Him to escape racial conflict across the nation.  Now, we have become so diverse, there seems to be a great falling away and many spirits of black people have agreed with other races of unbelievers, there is no God.   Therefore, through various prophecies, there will be a national disaster in the future as we have revealed to you through Prophet John Paul Jackson and if that is what it is going to take to get many people to repent and backsliders to turn back to God, then so be it, because again, God is very real and earth belongs to Him and He created the people within it.

Those of us whom love God with all of our hearts, minds are souls feel troubled when we hear of someone walking away from God, after spreading the message of Jesus Christ, but we have to remember, God gave everyone a free will.  We can witness to people, but we cannot make them serve the Lord and definitely those whom once preached God's Word like Dr. Fonza must be led by their own spirit to make a decision to return and accept the fact, we did not create ourselves and there is a higher power and His name is Jesus Christ.   Jesus, the Son of God at one time really walked this earth and when He did, there were many whom did not believe in Him and then, after His resurrection, thousands of years later, there are still many whom do not believe in Him and some whom once preached His Word walked away for their own reason.  Why?   Because each and every person has a chance to accept Him.  If not, they are risk takers of what could happen, according to God's Word after they die.  Therefore, Annalise Fonza must allow God to to prove Himself to her, which usually happens when a person is caught in a trap and needs for God to come to their rescue.

In the meantime, we will be praying for this former pastor, Dr. Annalise Fonza, because God loves her and so does the body of Christ.  

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There is No Wipe-Out Story: An Ex-Pastor’s Journey to Atheism

 By Annalise Fonza

I answered “a call” in 1992, when I was a first-year law student at Thurgood Marshall School of Law.  At first the nature of that call was unclear...Read full article, here. 

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