Bishop T. D. Jakes Says Goodbye to his son, T. Dexter ready for college

After Bishop T. D. Jakes and his church paid tribute to his dear wife, First Lady Serita Jakes for her birthday, he said goodbye to his son, T. Dexter Jakes.   His son is about to attend Columbia University in Chicago and it was a very touching moment to watch him share with The Potter's House how much he will miss his son.  He took his time telling the church how proud he is of his son, because they both came so far and it was a struggle for him to be able to prepare himself to attend college.

Many people may think just because he is Bishop T. D. Jakes, he may not have to do much planning with his children, but we felt he and his son both have been through many trials before being accepted at such a prestigious college. However, it paid off and now he is ready to go.

They both look alike don't they?   We believe T. Dexter will also be successful just like his father, after achieving his degree in the future.  He appears to be an authentic scholar.

We like how Bishop T. D. Jakes shared this touching moment with other young people going away for college and called them up for prayer.  He said a prayer for God to strengthen all of them, no matter how hard it gets.  He encouraged them all not to give up.   As we all know, it can get really difficult when we face demonic forces through some unsaved professors and other students in college, but God is stronger and just like He was there for all of us, He certainly will be there for T. Dexter and all of the rest of those Bishop Jakes prayed for at the altar.

In the meantime, we want to encourage you young black men and black women, because many of you are not fortunate to have support of a parent to encourage you to attend college.   Many of you have tried, but gave up, because you did not have enough money to continue your courses.   However, you must depend on God as your Father and mother and trust that He will make a way for you.  Many of you maybe bitter, because your parents did not prepare you and so a lot of discouragement came your way while you tried to attend college, so you just dropped out.  God wants you to remember, you are not a failure and not to give up on your success in your life.   

Some of you young people may not have any sort of financial assistance to attend college, so you never thought about going.   You may think like has been unfair to you and feel bitter while watching someone like T. Dexter be supported by His Dad.  However, you must remember, there are a lot of young people like you who may have had to work two jobs in order to pay for their tuition, but they never gave up.  It can be quite difficult if you do not have that love and support from a parent who can help you through college, but God will help you, if you only trust Him.

Bishop T. D. Jakes hugged his son and you could feel the love between them while preparing to separate miles away from one another.   We will pray for T. Dexter during his time at Columbia University and for him to remain encouraged while completing his college courses.

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