Did 'Hate Group' Label cause the shooting at Family Research Council headquarters?

Of course, calling the Family Research Council a 'hate group' is very unfair and in our opinion, it could have been the very cause that instigated yesterday's shooting incident.   To label any organization a 'hate group', just because they refuse to change their moral standard is very wrong and it sends out a the wrong message to our society.  Furthermore, we think Peter Sprigg (above photo) said it well when he pointed out that the label of FRC being a 'hate group' insinuates "you not only are saying that what they argue is wrong, but you are claiming to know their motives,"  according to CBN.com.

Unfortunately, there are many people that will believe anything, especially when the majority are following whatever is popular.  It does not help to call the FRC or any other conservative group that stands for morals, a 'hate group', because some people are immature and are born followers, so they will do anything to be accepted by a popular group and we think that is why the shooter wanted to not only make a scene, but aso kill for those whom are most popular within our society, in his mind.  For instance, is sort of like a gang member who wants to be a part of a popular gang, they will kill just be accepted into that group, but he made a fool out of himself, because there are 23 pro homosexual groups who do not agree with his behavior.

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Did 'Hate Group' Label Stir FRC Shooting?


Wednesday's shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council, a group known for standing for conservative and Christian values, is raising debate about the rhetoric surrounding hot topic issues like gay marriage.
In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the Family Research Council a 'hate group,' alongside neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, black separatists, and others.
The SPLC said it put the conservative group on the list not because...Read full article, here.
 Source: CBN.com 


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