2 Brothers Possibly Dead in Yosemite River Church Camping Trip: Pastor Bob Kopeny Ask for Prayers

This is very sad news.   A mother and her two sons went on a camping trip with their church at Calvary Chapel of Anaheim, California.  We assume in hot weather was the reason why the boys went in the River to cool off, but evidently, it was too deep and the current swept them away.  The rescuers pulled on son out, but he was dead.  Rescuers are still looking for the second son.   Saints of God, let us pray for this mother who is now in the hospital, recovering from her own wounds from trying to save her sons.  She is not only in physical pain, but for a very long time, she will be in emotional pain, after losing her two boys.

Yosemite National Park maybe a very beautiful place, but it can be a very dangerous place for children and even adults.   We encourage you when you visit outdoors similar places like Yosemite to please be careful and hold your children very close to you.    Yosemite National Park has some very steep areas, it sort of reminds us of some spots in Prescott, Arizona, the tall rocks may appear beautiful, but when you step out of your vehicle, you have to be careful while viewing down from the steep level.

In the meantime, Pastor Kopeny of Calvary Chapel has asked all the saints of God to pray and we will hold this mother, the entire Adams family, including the church in our prayers.  We hope and pray, the mother's second child is found alive.  
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Boy Dead, His Brother Missing In Yosemite River Church Camping Trip

A 10-year-old boy drowned after he and his 6-year-old brother were swept down a river in Yosemite National Park earlier this week, according to authorities.

Officials said currents in the Merced River swept the boys downstream near the Vernal Fall footbridge. Authorities said the boys’ family stopped by the river to cool off, but they quickly...Read full article, here.


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