Beautiful Birthday Tribute to First Lady Serita Jakes at The Potter's House

On this Sunday morning, we must say we were not expecting such a beautiful birthday tribute for First Lady Serita Jakes, but while watching the service, Bishop Jakes presented her with several debutantes who filled her beautiful vase with some pretty pink flowers, one by one.   It was the most beautiful birthday celebration we have ever seen.  Bishop T. D. Jakes revealed his ultimate love for his wife, in front of the congregation at the Potter's House.

First Lady Serita Jakes looked so surprised and the whole time she was touched by their thoughtful presentation, especially for her birthday.    It is very rare to see a pastor reveal his appreciation to his wife in this era, but Bishop T. D. Jakes really gave a good example of how a man of God should show gratitude to his wife in front of his entire congregation.    By hearing him thank her in front of everyone, we heard his sincerity of being grateful to her, not only as his wife, but being a true mentor for all women within his ministry.

We continued to watch the beautiful birthday tribute for First Lady Serita Jakes and we heard her children sing in harmony as she wept, tears of joy.  Her children expressed their love for their mother and gratitude for being such an extraordinary mother to them. They shared their adoration for First Lady Jakes being such a wonderful mother and a positive example as the first lady at the Potter's House.   We heard Sarah say, First Lady Serita Jakes was a good mother while raising them, even now and inspires them as a genuine woman.   She also mentioned in her own words, First Lady Jakes, put her painful past aside to help other women in the ministry and remained strong no matter the struggles in her own life.   This was such a touching moment coming from her children, something we do not often see in the black church, owed gratitude for a woman who has inspired so many women within her husband's ministry.

It was such a beautiful dedication for a First Lady Serita Jakes and we pray she enjoys her birthday and many more to come.  

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