Can Water Save You? Prophet Brian Carn allegedly says you have to be baptized in Jesus name

We never thought in the 21st century we would be discussing the old debate about water baptism, but we were very disturbed Prophet Carn would make this alleged claim on this following video, 'if you have not been baptized in the name, you have not been down...'   This is issue seems like it just won't die, because many preachers have simply baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the Trinity and still were saved, delivered and set free.   Many of us who grew up in the non-Apostolic Pentecostal church have been taught that water cannot save you, but we were baptized in the Trinity when we went down in the water.   So, since when does being baptized only in Jesus name the only way to be completely saved?

Of course, we believe in water baptism, but why did Prophet Carn leave out being baptized in the Trinity?  We thought as saints of God in unity, we were supposed to leave the debate of water baptism alone?  We thought we have gotten past denominational doctrines?  According to, Matt Slick allegedly stated that insisting on being baptized in Jesus name is Oneness Pentecostal theology, which is the rejection of the Trinity (Father, Son and the Holy Ghost).

We used to hear a lot of these sermons preached back in the 1980's before some Apostolic ministers started their own interdenominational churches.   Now, whenever we hear this sort of teaching in the 21st century from a preacher or pastor of an interdenominational church, he or she seems to sneak their doctrine into the sermons like Bishop T. D. Jakes, every now and then.  They confuse us making us think they desire for all denominations to fellowship together, but they still insist being baptized in Jesus name.    We wonder is Prophet Carn now believing it is wrong to believe in the Trinity, now that he is preaching you must be baptized in Jesus name?

What do you think, does God require that we all specifically be baptized in Jesus name and nothing else, in order to be saved?

On this following video, you can start at 16:29 to hear what Prophet Carn says about being baptized in Jesus name.

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D.T. Mcgreg said...

'There is a likeness that now saves us; namely baptism'
1 Peter

D.T. Mcgreg said...

Acts 2

There is no record of any other water baptism mode than the NAME OF the Lord Jesus Christ.
If you find one, contact me and I will send you on an all expenses paid trip for 2 to Israel!
"In everything in word and deed do it all in the NAME OF Jesus"-- water baptism included.

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