Pastor Jim Carr Shot and Killed by Burglar in North Carolina: Let the Church Unite Against Demonic Forces Killing Church Leaders

Saints of God, we have got to do more than just fast and pray, it is time for all churches to come in agreement against demonic forces trying to control the body of Christ with sin.   We are not insinuating that Pastor Jim Carr was in a life of sin, what we are referring to are the sinful laws being condoned in the country and now many pastors opposing God's Word to be followers of this world, instead of leaders within God's Kingdom, strictly for righteousness.   Therefore, we feel the way this country has condoned certain sins may have brought on some demonic forces to attack various ministers of the gospel whom have not necessarily turned away from God's Word.   Pastor Jim Carr was trying to protect his wife from a burglar when he was shot and killed with one gunshot.

God wants the entire body of Christ to unite and bind the demon that has been coming against our church leaders.  Like we said before, we believe God will use innocent ministers whom have not done nothing wrong to get the attention of the rest whom have been disobedient to God's Word.   It is time for the church of all races and ages to wake up, bow down and repent to Jesus Christ for allowing Satan's territory to control the House of God.   Some pastors and other ministers are not only being shot through home invasions across the nation, but we are living in an era where we are witnessing some of them dropping dead in their pulpits, the way Bishop Earthquake Kelley allegedly claimed God told him they would do.  Note: if you desire to hear Bishop Earthquake Kelley's alleged testimony of dying and having a conversation with God about pastor's dropping dead in the pulpits because of their rebellion and greed for fame and fortune, please go to our videos page, now.

This is very sad for another pastor to die, but we blame some churches that have allowed carnality to step inside of God's House and remove the anointing of sacredness.   God will protect His own children, but we are living in an age when anything is allowed within the body of Christ and there is hardly any standard, according to God's Word and He is not pleased.   God wants all churches to repent before they can expect to have power to rebuke the enemy that has been killing various pastors through home invasions and all sorts of ways. 

May Pastor Jim Carr rest in peace and we are praying for his wife and family.

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Pastor Shot and Killed by Burglar in North Carolina

Greenville, N.C. — The wife of a Pitt County minister listened helplessly Sunday as her husband was shot by a burglar in their Greenville home, according to a 911 call released Tuesday.

Pastor Jim Carr, who was also a van driver for Pitt Community College, was home with his wife, Vickie Carr, early Sunday when they heard a sound...Read full article, here.

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