Celebrity News: Donald Trump allegedly raised rent to $100,000 on apartment in his building just to keep out Arianna Huffington

Over the years, we have heard Donald Trump w sometimes offend people, but it is very hard to believe he would be so cruel to purposely raise the rent over $100,000 just to keep Arianna Huffington from living in his apartment building.   We have even seen Donald Trump's harsh criticism on The Apprentice, but this just cannot be true.   There are powerful people in business, but to hate someone so much to keep them from living on their property is not only hard to believe, it's childish.

Allegedly, according to various sources, Donald Trump even called
Huffington ugly on his Twitter page.  Since social networks have existed, we cannot believe Donald Trump and other celebrities have time to tweet all the time, but according to DailyMail.co.uk, look at the below snapshot.

Do you you really believe he could get away to do a thing like this to a tenant?  Is he this powerful to keep such a successful woman like Arianna Huffington out of his apartment building by raising the rent?

Locked out: Donald Trump claims he hiked rent to $100,000 on apartment in his building just to keep out his bette noir Arianna Huffington

By Daily Mail Reporter

The ongoing feud between conservative reality TV star Donald Trump and liberal media baroness Arianna Huffington doesn't stop at politics -- it extends to real estate, too. 

Trump claimed this week that he deliberately raised the rent on one of his New York City apartments to $100,000 a month after he learned Huffington was trying to move in. 

The billionaire real estate mogul says Huffington was furious...Read full article, here.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk
Photo Courtesy: http://www.tmz.com


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