Celebrity News: Spike Lee’s presents Red Hook Summer movie, a woman gets saved in church

Spike Lee's new movie is a about a character named Nola Darling, getting saved in church.  It is good to see Spike Lee bringing black movies back to the big screen, especially on the subject of the black church.   The average black director has mingled so much among Hollywood celebrities, they have put the subject of the black community aside.  Of course, we have been very fortunate to see black movies through the productions of Bishop T. D. Jakes and Tyler Perry, which have included the scenes of the black church for the past several years now, but it is good to see some one like Spike Lee add his creativity to black movies.

Thanks to TheChurchLadyBlogs.com, we were able to give you heads up on Spike Lee's new movie, which most likely will not only attract a lot of viewers from the black church, but also black women like Nola who need to find God, even if they do not attend church.

The idea of Nola Darling getting saved is a good topic to bring into movies, because it is very much needed in this age when the subject of salvation is not heard in many of today's modern age churches.   It is time to bring the subject of salvation in black movies, because it should not be just about entertainment, but mainly about the viewer learning how they can dedicate their souls to God, after going through their own personal struggles.   Of course, we do not know exactly what type of character Nola is, but so far, we know that she has had a depth in sexuality with a few men and many black women need to see this sort of character, because so many times, they have been turned away from the average black church that does not welcome these sorts of women.   As we have said before, there are certain types of sinners that have been welcomed in the average black church, for instance, the alcoholics and drug attics, but when it comes to various sexual sins, black women and black men need to know they can enter a church and not be persecuted for past sinful flaws and be able to turn their lives over to God without persecution.

 Urban Daily News Speaks w/ Spike Lee, Watch Video

Spike Lee’s new movie Red Hook Summer is going to take us to Church

by The Church Lady
Spike Lee is bringing some of his old characters back to the screen including Mookie the Pizza Man (Do the Right Thing)  and  fast tail Nola  Darling (She’s Got to have it)  in his new Movie Red Hook Summer.  Spike’s gonna take  us all to church in this one and word on the street is that Nola Darling is...Read full article, here.      
Source, Video and Photo: http://theurbandaily.com


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