Skeptics (Preachers) in the Pulpit within the Black Church who oppose heaven and hell visitations

God has been moving in this era among His chosen ones He has taken to heaven and/or hell to come back and testify about their experiences.  It is very offensive to God and His chosen ones whom have been designated to come back with a message and a lot of this ignorance of disbelief is within the black church, except for those whom have been to either place like Bishop Lorenzo Kelley (COGIC pastor), Bishop Earthquake Kelley and even Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu, an African pastor who died in a car crash, dead for three days and went to heaven and hell.  Pastor Ekechukwu even saw a minister whom was pleading to escape, but he was in eternal hell for stealing money from people through tithes and offerings. We will play that video toward the end of this article, but you must read why skeptics in the pulpit are a danger within God's Kingdom.

One of the main reasons why skeptics in the pulpit are a danger within God's Kingdom, is because they are calling people liars while expecting their followers to believe they have been truly called by God to preach His Word and even prophecy.  In fact, these are false prophets and will cause many people not to believe in God's supernatural powers, which is not to only work miracles, but also for God to have the capability take souls on a tour to heaven and hell and return with a message from Him.   The danger is causing their followers to believe God is limited of what He can do through his creation of man or woman. These skeptics in the pulpit are preachers who make mockery of people whom have been assigned by God with a message to forewarn about the afterlife must repent and no longer offend God's chosen ones. As explained on our previous articles about Muslims seeing Christ through dreams and visions  it was explained that in countries like Iran and Afghanistan, it against the law for anyone to have a Bible or even speak about Christ and so this is the reason Jesus has to visit them, personally.  For example, Prophet Carn allegedly doubts the stories of people whom are former Muslims in Iran whom have had divine encounters with Jesus Christ and then became Christians.  Allegedly, Carn threw out in one of his sermons, saying it impossible for that to occur, but he yet expects for people to believe in his ministry as a true prophet.  Therefore, you can see why the his video clip we had on our videos page has been removed, because his judgement on former Muslims whom have now found Christ by meeting Him was indeed offensive.   In our opinion, if you are calling people liars, because they admit they have been assigned by God to give a testimony to people on earth after their encounters in heaven or hell with Jesus Christ, then you are calling Him a liar and therefore, you are not a true man or woman of God.  It is so sad to say, the only way they will eventually believe is in judgement.

On our videos page, we have several testimonies of people whom have came back and had similar encounters to share.   It is one thing for some church people in general to not believe in spiritual encounters in heaven or hell, but it is an extreme danger for any man or woman whom stands in the pulpit as a skeptic and may cause many souls to become discouraged by their ministry, after insinuating that they are a liar.   Preachers in the pulpit whom are skeptics and oppose supernatural encounters with Jesus Christ are no different than sinners whom do not believe in Jesus Christ and make mockery of true born again Christians.

When you go and listen to other testimonies of Christians whom have died and came back to life, after visiting heaven and hell, make sure you also listen to Angelica Zambrano who is a teen Jesus took to hell.  In hell, Angelica allegedly saw the king of pop, Michael Jackson burning, along with the Pope John Paul II and Selena.   Jesus took Zambrano to heaven and hell, twice.

For now, Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu will share his story about how he was dead for 3 days and then God miraculously brought him back to life.   Pastor Ekechukwu died in a car crash and an angel met him and forewarned him to forgive his wife.  Thereafter, during his death, Pastor Ekechukwu has a lot to share about what happened during his time in heaven and in hell.

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