Pastor, Wife Attacked in Sri Lanka for Spreading the message of Jesus Christ

Pastor and wife in Sri Lanka were attacked for spreading Christianity.  This is a very horrible thing to hear, since we have also been facing persecution in America for not giving into sin. There has always been a rebellion against God in other nations, but now, we are experiencing the same rebellion in America and that's not good.  Therefore, this is why we as Christians should take the laws against God's Word very serious, because our future of Christianity could be headed for the same retaliation in America, if we do not empower the body of Christ to take dominion in this spiritual warfare. 

Sri Lanka has been known as an Indian subcontinent in South Asia.  Many people think of diversity as a good thing in America, but only to a certain extent.  For if you noticed, the more diverse we have become in America over the years, the more our rights as Christians has been taken away.   Interim, other countries have chosen to serve other gods and in some places, Satan.  In other countries, Christians are not even allowed to pray, read a Bible or even have Bible study, it is so bad, violence against Christians occurs on a daily basis.  Many of you Christians here in America are depending on politicians to change the laws in our favor, but you must began to spread the word for more Christians to become politicians before we end up like Sri Lanka.  Like we mentioned before, we are not far from it with the laws opposing God's Word and arresting people for having Bible study in their homes.  Therefore, if you are a pastor or even an evangelist, you must take heed for your church members to become more political conscious now, just like in the Biblical days when followers of Christ had control over the land.

According the The Church Report, there are about 500 Christians in Sri Lanka, but they face a lot of persecution for worshiping God.

Pastor, Wife Attacked in Sri Lanka

A national Assemblies of God pastor and his wife were viciously attacked by a mob in Sri Lanka after being accused of 'spreading Christianity.'

According to reports, the pastor, who is also a regional presbyter, and his wife went to visit a church member. On their way home, they were suddenly cut off by an SUV, and a mob of about 40 people surrounded them. Grabbing the pastor, they dragged him along...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: The Church Report


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