Family Research Council President Speaks out about the shooting

We want to admit we saw this coming, because Satan never wants to back away from God's children whom obey His Word.   Thank God, Mr. Leo Johnson, the security guard for Family Research Council seems like he is going to be okay, after being shot in the arm and tackling down his attempted killer.   Evidently, God chose him for the right job, because he was not afraid and obviously a very strong man to tackle the heavyset shooter.

Children of God, this is a sign for us to remain strong and not back down.  Just like the new president of FRC says, we are not going to stop speaking out for what we believe and this only encourages us to move forward.   This is why we tell you all the time, do not be ashamed in the midst of a lot of pastors of the black church turning their ministries to approve homosexuals, because if it was so right and okay to be that way, then it would not be an ongoing controversy.  Therefore, what God's Word says it accurate and that settle's it.  

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FRC President: 'Reckless Rhetoric' Led to Shooting

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, is calling for an end to "reckless rhetoric" he believes is behind Wednesday's shooting at the conservative group's office in Washington, D.C.
Leo Johnson is recovering after he was shot in the arm in what federal authorities have labeled an act of domestic terrorism.
The Wednesday morning incident began when suspected shooter Floyd Corkins, 28, entered FRC headquarters...Read full article, here. 
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