Celebrity Preacher, Pastor Steve Munsey's Church, Family Christian Center is Facing Foreclosure

One of the top 10 pastor of mega ministries is facing foreclosure.   Pastor Steve Munsey is the pastor of Family Christian Center in Indiana.   He has always been known as one of TBN's celebrity guests allegedly revealing his gift of prophecies to millions of viewers.    Allegedly, he owes more than $750,000 on his church property while facing possible tax charges.  We cannot figure out if this is the cause of the recession or lavish spending, all we know is Pastor Munsey has given his parishioners a set date to turn in tithes, so he can save the church from foreclosure.

Thanks to our friends at TheChurchLadyblogs.com we are sharing the news, regarding Pastor Steve Munsey's financial troubles.   We will answer the author's question as to why didn't Pastor Munsey learn his lesson from his peers who were also in trouble with the law for tax issues and are opinion is very clear.  To some extent we feel like Pastor Steve Munsey could have enjoyed his spotlight of fame on christian television so much, he could have thought of himself as invincible.   On more than one show, we have seen him talk about faith and prosperity as though he had his business together.   Possibly, he thought because of his big name he did not have to pay up on the mortgage and was believing God would seen payments through the tithes and possibly when he did receive thousands of dollars, he could have used it on a few nice homes, luxury cars for his wife and children and also taking vacations.  Whatever is the cause of his financial troubles, he will have to eventually solve his problems in court with the best attorney he can find.

Many of these celebrity preachers we have seen over the years are now being brought to shame before the nation.   We will continue to pray for them, but as we have told you before, the era of mega ministries is coming to an end, because God is tired of all of the fame and fortune they have idolized, instead of glorifying Him.  God wants the church to return to only seeking him without the preacher having the status as a celebrity.  Jesus Christ is the only superstar, no man, no woman and no child should ever think of themselves as a celebrity in the body of Christ, for it is idolatry and idolatry is a sin.

Here is Pastor Steve Munsey on TBN, allegedly telling people to give their tax return

The Family Family Christian Center, IN. Mega Church Facing Foreclosure and other Fed. Govt. Issues

by The Church Lady
It appears that The Family  Christian Center , one of the top ten mega churches in the country located in Indiana, has failed to abide by the laws of the Federal government,  under investigation for tax matters and is facing foreclosure.  

Pastor Steve Munsey shared with his congregation recently that the church owes more than $750,000 in back payments of its worship...Read full article, here.

Source: TheChurchLadyblogs.com
Photo Courtesy: http://m.nwitimes.com
Photo Courtesy: www.stevemunsey.org
Source: http://youtu.be/HcyX2CCoLVk


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