Video: Are You ready to attend Bishop IV Hilliard's Birthday Diamond Celebration?

First Lady, Co-Pastor Bridget Hilliard and Dr. Irishea Hilliard Lewis are inviting everyone to attend Bishop, Dr. I.V. Hilliard's Diamond Jubilee Celebration services.  The celebration of Bishop Hilliard being in the ministry for 50 years on his 60th birthday will bring Bishop T. D. Jakes and other dignitaries into the city of Houston.   When you watch this approximate 30 minute video, you will see the exact dates for this upcoming celebration for Bishop Hilliard's years of dedication in the ministry.

Bishop I. V. Hilliard has not just preached about faith and overcoming personal barriers in our lives, but he has also reached out the the poor and needy, even during Hurricane Katrina.  Also, did you know Bishop and First Lady Hilliard opened up their home to the homeless?   No wonder, this is such an exciting event that cannot be missed.   Bishop Hilliard has also included an outreach division as a part of his ministry.   Tell us, how many pastors have opened up their own homes to homeless people?  First Lady, Co-Pastor Bridget Hilliard shared in depth how much he really has reached out and considered the poor and needy, something that God has often spoken about in his Word, which we do not recognize in most ministries, today.

Now you can watch this following video and get ready to attend this diamond celebration in honor of Bishop IV Hilliard, which will be between August 31st and September 2, 2012, on a labor day weekend.   
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