Oxygen Foam, A Life-Saving Innovation

Sudden death can be caused by heart failure. Cardiologist at Children's Hospital Boston is able to prevent deaths due to interruption of the blood-pumping organ work by injecting oxygen-rich liquid.

An intravenous infusion of oxygen-filled
microparticles (the yellow sphere in 
this composite image) could carry the
life-sustaining gas to red blood cells 
in patients with sudden loss of lung 
function. (Picture from: 
The heart is the organ in charge of pumping oxygen-carrying blood to be spread throughout the body. This vital role stops when the body had a heart attack. As a result, the body no longer had the energy supply. Lives have been lost.

Intravenous oxygen fluid findings cardiologist John Kheir, serving as a savior. This fluid consists of mini bubbles wrapped in molecular oxygen.

When injected into the blood stream, dissolved oxygen and carried throughout the body. "Once injected, oxygen immediately switch to red blood cells," said Kheir.

He has tested his findings to the rabbit. Researchers inject this liquid to the rabbit and clog the windpipe. Evidently, the rabbit can survive for 15 minutes without breath.

Even more surprising, for 15 minutes a tense are no changes in blood pressure and heart rate of rabbits. Examination showed no organ damage of the heart, lungs, and liver.

The success of this bubble to give hope to rescue the victim of heart failure. Kheir's calculations show that this fluid can make humans survive without breathing for 30 minutes-serves as a spare lung.
A schematic of the microparticle used to package oxygen gas, covered by a single layer of fatty molecules and stabilizing agents and delivered in a liquid solution. (Picture from: http://www.businessinsider.com/)
The extra time post-heart attack can be used by doctors to restore the heart. The potential for greater oxygen intravenous preparation is easy and inexpensive. *** [NATURE | ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3979]
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