Sexual Abuse The Black Church! New Movie is telling the truth about pastors molesting young boys

It is about time we see a movie, dealing with the reality of young black boys being molested by a minister in the black church.  Of course, so far we have found Bishop T. D. Jakes movies interesting, but it does not seem like he or any other producer has touched the subject of preachers molesting boys in the black church.  Close as Jakes came to it was in His first movie, 'Woman Thou Art Loosed' when the girl was molested by her mother's boyfriend.   Most importantly, the question must be asked, will this movie, Wolf, stop preachers, pastors, bishops, evangelists or even ministers of music from molesting black boys in the church?

Thanks to The Old Black Church blog, which revealed this upcoming movie, we are able to open up a new discussion, regarding innocent boys being molested by preachers in the black church and their mothers being forced to keep quiet about it.  This old demon that has destroyed our young men (and young women) in the church for too long and we pray many deceiving souls will stop supporting these ministers, after they have been caught in such a nasty scandal.   We have too many ministers focusing on fame and fortune while some of their colleagues are molesting boys (and girls) in the black church.   When they get caught, the first thing their colleagues in the ministry do, is cover it up, just like the grandmother on this following preview.  They try to make the victim and the mothers feel guilty for wanting to admit child molestation, by trying to make them believe that we must unite, so it won't bring shame on the black church, including the black family.  The truth is, the black church and black family has already been destroyed if the innocence of these young men (and young women) have been violated by a preacher who presents himself as a true messenger of Jesus Christ.   What pride is left within the black community, after young boys lives have been destroyed by their family pastor?   After they get through with them, there is no sense of pride and when they grow up, they have no respect for the church whom does not deal with such issues that spiritually haunts their minds and torments their souls.   

Allegedly, some years ago, it was mentioned to us about a young black woman whom desired to tell her life story in a book, regarding how she was abused by her family that were members of the clergy, but celebrity preachers like Bishop T. D. Jakes, his wife Serita, Bynum and others wanted to silence her.  We brought up this point for a reason, it also happens to women in the black church and this is what has destroyed the love between black men and black women, the silence of being molested by preachers in the black church.  They become bitter and do not think they can ever trust their own kind in a relationship, because what happened to them was hushed up by upper class black preachers who tried to put shame on them for wanting to tell the truth.

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Sexual Abuse In The Black Church!

While combing through some old tweets on Twitter, I came across a tweet that was link to a trailer for a new film title “Wolf.”  Filmmaker Ya’ke Smith have put together a wonderful new film which deals with black folks...Read full article, here.


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