Georgia School System Defends Football Coach Mark Mariakis, Regarding Prayers

The football coach at Ridgeland high school, Mark Mariakis is defended by school officials.   We are so very happy to see this man of God refusing to back down while boldly facing the enemies of Jesus Christ in the press.   After he survived a brain tumor a few years ago, Mark Mariakis remembers God's love for him and this is where his strength comes from.   Most people forget how good God has been to them, but Mariakis refuses to stop saying prayers with his football team and taking them to church.  It cannot be understood why anyone would attack him for having prayers with his team and spreading the message of Jesus Christ, but we live in a demonic society and Satan likes to work whenever souls are being won into God's Kingdom.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for our dear brother in Christ, for God to keep him strong in this evil time.  Satan is just mad, because he could not kill him through sickness, so he's attacking him, along with other strong warriors for Christ whom should have the freedom to speak about God, read His Word and lead souls into His Kingdom.   After all, this is the history of America, the Framers believed God.

Georgia School System Defends Football Coach After Complaints About Prayers, church events

 ROSSVILLE, Ga. — Officials at a northwest Georgia high school are defending its football team's practice of having student-led prayers and church-held meals before games.

Walker County Superintendent Damon Raines said at a Wednesday news conference that Ridgeland High School isn't violating the First Amendment rights of the players...Read full article, here.



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