Minister Bernada Fernandez went to heaven and hell for 5 days and returned with a message for the earth

Minister Bernada Fernandez is a woman of God who Jesus visited while she was laying in bed as her husband went to work.   Jesus Christ took Bernada Fernandez to hell, first and then to heaven on two journeys.   After her husband left for work, Jesus appeared to her glowing in the room and first gave her an assessment of her spirit, then he told her to call her brother and inform him that her body would be there, but she would temporarily be out of the body to go with on a journey with Him.

Jesus revealed New York to her and told her it is a city of Sodom and some of the politicians there are homosexuals.  He told her His wrath his coming to the city of New York for their disobedience and rebellion against His Word.  We feel this is true for the entire country, because of homosexuality being condoned in and out of the church.   Note: beware, there has been some alleged testimonies claiming homosexuals have been to heaven and back, don't believe it.  They are only lying to deceive you and to make it look as though God condones homosexuality.
When Jesus took Minister Fernandez to hell, she saw a man named Alexander.  When he was living, she had gave a forewarning to Him from God for His life and that was to surrender to God, but when she told him what thus saith the Lord, he refused to listen and angrily raged against God.   Not long after she gave him a forewarning to repent and surrender to God, he got drunk and died.  When she went to hell, she saw him there screaming in remorse he had made a mistake not listening to her  He then pleaded with her to go back and tell his family not to go there and then two gigantic worms that attacked him.  After that moment, Bernada saw other horrific occurrences in hell.   She saw people in shackles and in chains, they were eternally screaming out that they were feeling anguish, eternally. Then when Jesus took her to heaven and gave an example of the robe he was wearing.   His robe was without spot or blemish and he said this is how we should be, in order to make it to heaven.   There were so many other things she shared with us, for instance, like the future of the rapture and what it will be like when those whom did not obey God's Word were left here. 
Those of you whom are not sinners, backsliders  or even trying to serve two masters, we plead with you to go straight to our Salvation page after listening to Minister Bernada Fernandez's testimony.  God loves you and He desires for us not to go to hell, a place of eternal torment, originally created for Satan and his demons.
Bernada Fernandez told her testimony in Spanish, but we have the English version for you to hear.  For those of you whom have been doubting people have had actual visitations with Jesus Christ to heaven and/or hell, we request for you to no longer limit God's ability to make such spiritual encounters with His Son to meet with His chosen ones.   We urge you to pay close attention to these chosen vessels whom have shared their testimonies, because they all have been strong enough to obey God and tell us everything they saw and heard.  Also, we urge you to pay close attention to the facts, because too many people whom have had visitations to heaven and hell would not lie for any reason, for they have been assigned by Jesus Christ to forewarn humanity to get right with God and do what it takes to make it to heaven.

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