Pastor Arrested for Molesting 13-Yr Old Girl until she was 24 years old: Were our children ever safe in the black church?

This guy should remind us of a lot of low down men not only in the pulpits of some black churches, but also our others in our family or neighborhood who try and enslave us, just because they feel they have some sort of authority.   You can tell by looking at him, he is has some sort of demonic stronghold and it's got to be lust.   Pastor Andre Lewis has been arrested for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl until she was 24-years-old.  Allegedly, he made promises of making her a singer, possibly because he thought he was a superstar himself as you will see in the below photo.   Pastor Andre Lewis deceived this young lady when she was a young teen and he thought she would never tell it, but once she felt he may have had other women, she had to turn him in.

Look at the front of his CD, Pastor Andre Lewis thought he was already a gospel superstar himself, but he never fulfilled his victim's dream, he just made her think he would make her dream come true.   The question we ask you SCR readers is this very question, were our children ever safe in the black church?  There seems to have always been a repeated history of offenders whom claim they are messengers of Christ, but they always wanted to satisfy their lust with young children.  This is sick and it needs to stop.  All the way back when the drag queen Sylvester, the disco singer who died of AIDS was molested as young boy up until the 21st century, nothing seems to have changed among some ministers we trust around our kids.  It seems to be a repeated cycle controlled by demons taking over the minds and possessing the souls of these preachers whom have lust for children.  When Sylvestor was allegedly molested, it was back in the 1950's when a COGIC pastor took his innocence.  Now in 2012,we are still hearing stories about these child molesters whom people respect as God's messengers, but it has to stop and enough, is enough.

Furthermore, we wonder was Pastor Lewis able to molest this young lady for so long without her parents and family knowing anything?  If they knew anything, he should have been turned into police a long time ago.

We will continue to pray for this young unidentified woman.  Also, we pray that Pastor Andre Lewis repents and surrenders to the Lord, before it is everlasting too late.

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A pastor in Shreveport, Louisiana has been arrested for doing things that alleged men of God simply aren’t supposed to do.  Andrea Louis is being charged with three counts of molestation of a juvenile. He is the pastor of Act on Faith Ministries, located in Shreveport.

A woman has told police that she had a relationship with the pastor when she was just 13-years old.  The woman is older now...Read full article, here.

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