Why is There Caffeine in the Pacific Ocean?

High levels of caffeine were found in seawater. Increased levels of caffeine in several sites off the coast of Oregon in the Pacific Ocean intriguing American scientists.

"People who consume caffeinated drinks to feel the biological effects. Not too surprising that caffeine also affects animals," said lead investigator, Elise Granek, last Monday. Tidal study of mollusks showed that low levels of caffeine effect on marine life.

High content of caffeine is also found in other water bodies around the world, including North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Puget Sound, Boston Harbor, and Sarasota Bay in Florida.

In the spring of 2010, Granek and Rodriguez del Rey collecting and analyzing water samples from 14 locations coast and seven adjacent water bodies along the north and south of Astoria Brookings. Now, a recent study found a high caffeine content in close Carl Washburne State Park and Cape Lookout, which is far from sources of pollution. However, low levels of caffeine in it was found near large population centers, such as Astoria, Warrenton and Coos Bay.
Caffeine levels were surprisingly high off remote places such as Cape Lookout, Oregon. (Picture from: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/)
Granek and her colleagues believe that the high levels of caffeine in the Pacific due to the lifestyle of Americans are obsessive with a cup of coffee every day.

These results indicate that wastewater treatment is effective filter caffeine. However, high rainfall and the flow of contaminants flushing sewage into the sea. These findings also indicate that the septic tank, like the kind used in city parks, less effectively accommodate pollution.

"Our research shows that wastewater treatment plants is not the source," Granek said. "Sewage disposal systems directly may be the biggest contributor of contaminants in the waters of the Oregon Coast." The discovery of caffeine in sea water may also be additional anthropogenic pollution signals, such as pesticides, drugs, and other contaminants. *** [DAILYMAIL | SCIENCEDAILY | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3950]
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