Tahita Jenkins, bus driver fired for refusing to wear pants: Is the Black church still teaching it's a sin?

Tahita Jenkins was fired from her job for refusing to wear pants.   In this era of the black church, we have discovered there has been so much diversity, there are no more regulations by church mothers who used to instruct women of all ages how to dress as saved and holy women.   The popular cliche for the past 20 years among modern day black mega churches is, 'it's not what you wear, it's what's on the inside'.  However, God does make it very clear in His Word that we ought not to wear apparel pertaining to a man.  In our opinion, neither should church women look similar to harlots.  Therefore, there ought to be distinction among holy women from the hip hop movement that has dominated the black church.

Note: Before we proceed with this article, we want to make it very clear, when a lot of women first come to the Lord, they do not have many clothes to wear.   So, God does understand why certain women may wear pants, even in the House of God.   God does not require a woman to wear dresses, if she has no money to buy any.  God will deal with saved women how He pleases and it is according to her own personal life.  Back in the day, many women became offended by the church, because they were rebuked for what they wore.  Therefore, we should not be ignorant to understand some women do not have money to buy certain clothes and God will still claim them as His own when they surrender their souls totally to God.

We are very shocked to see this New York saved woman refusing to wear pants in this age, when many women have not been in submission to dress holy.  In this age of mega ministries,  you are rebuked for choosing to be holy, what they call, 'man-made' traditions.  However, in our opinion, we feel the church needs to go back to the old standard in a lot of ways, because of the rebellion of those whom idolize the hip hop movement and follow the Gospel of Inclusion, instead of being in total submission to God's Word.   Many women in the church, whether it is the black church or any other church, are dressing like the female hip hop gospel artists or butch thugs, instead of presenting themselves as holy women.   Too  many women and girls are showing too much cleavage and wearing skin tight clothes as the divorce rate continues to increase. and many young girls and being molested, along with little boys.
  For the past 20 years, the (black) church has been giving the wrong message, confusing being holy with tradition.   Therefore, Tahita Jenkins is not in error for obeying the rules enforced by her church, Holy Ghost Headquarters Prayer Band Mission of New Beginning Deliverance Church.

Of course, it is just as important to act holy as it is to dress holy, because there are a lot of mean saints back in the day who used to dress very different from the world, but today, you have a lot of mean women who not only dress like the world, but they act like the world with a nasty attitude.   So really, it is all bad.   We just need to ask God to continue to wash us clean on the inside, while we are in total submission to how He desires for us sanctified women to dress.   We are to please God, not the modern day church.  To great degree, it is time for women of God to began making a distinction from the world, not just with the clothes they wear, but also within their spirits.

Furthermore, it is so very important to think about this issue, because we brought up this point several months back, revealing to you why more saved women should not wear pants, except for being indoors at home.   The main reason, is that homosexuality is trying to control God's land, and many women are in rebellion to remain ladylike, according to God's standard.  There are a lot of women carrying the spirit of lesbianism within the church and in order for many of them to feel like women, after they get saved, many of them do have a strong desire to dress feminine.  Therefore, it may not help their spirit not to wear pants.   This is the age when a lot of women whom have been delivered from being lesbians to separate themselves from the society whom condone unisex apparel, because the Bible did say in Deuteronomy 22:5, 'The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.' 
  So you see, the Bible also says men should not dress like women, that is, to wear dresses or any other effeminate attire that displeases the Lord.  We are not saying it is a sin for women to wear pants, but in this age when many women (including men) are changing sex, it would be a good idea for more Christian women to not wear pants, very often.   As you noticed, just like the Bible quoted homosexuality as an abomination, He also said the same thing for certain clothes women nor men ought not to wear.  Now, some pants are made for women, but it all depends on how the woman feels while wearing those pants.  Even better, we need to ask God how does He feel about it.

Question of The Day: Is It Sin To Wear Pants??? 

This particular incident took place in 2007,were this bus driver whose a single mother with three children, got her dream job with great benefits, after waiting four years on a waiting list got fired after two weeks on the job for refusing to wear pants.  On her second week on the job, Tahita Jenkins, 33, explained to her new bosses that as a Pentecostalist, the standard issue NYC Transit bus-driver uniform is against her religion. She even provided a note from the pastor of her Far Rockaway church, Holy Ghost Headquarters Prayer Band Mission of New Beginning Deliverance Church, requesting she be permitted to wear a skirt. But transit officials insisted that for safety reasons...Read full article, here.

Source and photo: The Old Black Church


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