Funny But Not Nice Video: Pastor Grabs Mic From Woman He Tells cannot sing in church

You see this is why it's not good for any preacher to act as though he has the gift of discernment.  Whoever this pastor is on this following video, he claimed a woman in the congregation gave him inspiration when he looked at her, so as she approaches the altar, then he hands her the microphone and tells her to sing.   The woman sings, but cannot keep a note.   Eventually, the pastor rushes down from the pulpit and grabs the mic from her.   He tries to cunningly act as though he is giving her a compliment, walks off preaching, then eventually calls people to the altar.   This is a very bad representation for a man of God.

You may ask, 'what was he supposed to do, allow her to keep singing?'  However, if he had not of acted as though he was led by the Spirit to ask her to sing, then he would not have embarrassed himself nor even been so cold to say, 'many of you can't sing either.'  It may seem very funny, but let's be honest, it wasn't very nice.

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