Remembering Pastor Zachery Tims

Remembering Pastor Zachery Tims

It was just nearly one year ago the late pastor Zachery Tims was found in a New York hotel. The news of his death shocked the church world and followers alike. Zachery Tims was a popular pastor in nearby Orlando, Florida but by the time this news hit nationwide, he became a household name.

Since it has been a year, followers and spectators are still in the dark about exactly what happened the day of his death. The toxicology and autopsy reports have not been released due to Tims' mother having them court ordered shut, for now. The family is moving forward and even the church has an unfavorable pastor in charge but they have moved on as well. But what about the true of his death?
 Will it ever be released to the public as most cases have been in the history of America?

We reported early this year:
Madeline Tims' attorney Ricardo E. Oquendo says the Appellate Court should grant the stay and it could be more than a year until a decision is made. Apparently, Oquendo has until October to file his appeal.
Madeline Tims attorney also curtly states: "If I win my stay, there will not be a decision on the Tims case until 2013," Oquendo said.

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