Former Florida Pastor Tries Commit Suicide in Court After Being Convicted as a Sex Offender

Rev. James Richard Harris seems like he was trying to get sympathy from the judge by swallowing some pills, after being found guilty of child molestation.   After the judge informed him he would be going straight to jail and possibly facing 80 years in prison, he attempted suicide.   Whether he was pretending to get the judge to change his mind or not, it did not work, because after he goes into psychiatric treatment, he will be transferred straight to prison.

James Harris allowed his sex demons to control him to molest teens so much, he had no conscious and it is so scary to admit, but a lot of ministers are so controlled by their lust, they do not care about anyone but themselves as you can see in this case.  Now, for the rest of his life, Harris will be in prison, simply because he used his power to molest innocent young victims.   He did not think about the consequences while satisfying his flesh, but that's how the Devil does rebellious people whom live double lives.   Satan is laughing at him right now, because he thought his title could save him out of getting in trouble, but he did it to himself.  However, he has time to repent and get his soul right with God.

Parents we want to remind you to be more careful with your children.  It does not matter who it is, do not allow your children to spend time with their pastors or other ministers in your church alone, because you do not know what they may do.  This is why before you join any church, you must be led by God.  Ask God to show you what is in the spirit of a man or woman and if you, your spouse and children would be safe there.  That way, it will help avoid trouble later on, because you figure if God tells you a pastor has a demon of lust and is attracted to children, then you should not be joining that church in the first place.  So, it is always good to fast and pray before joining any church and do not allow your children to spend time with the pastor or any (church leader) in their leisure time without your presence.

In the meantime, we are praying for the teen victims in this case.   We pray for God to heal all three of them from the sexual abuse they endured under Rev. James Harris authority.  Also, we pray for Rev. Richard Harris to repent and surrender his soul to God before it is everlasting too late.

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Former Florida Pastor Tries Commit Suicide in Court After Being Convicted as a Sex Offender
An ex-pastor who was found guilty of sex crimes against juveniles allegedly tried to commit suicide in court by swallowing several white pills after the judge told him he would be going straight to jail. Rev. James Richard Harris, of Belle Glade, Florida, was accused of trapping his young victims by abusing his connection to Glades Central High School’s football program. He was found guilty of performing two sex acts on a 15-year-old boy...Read full article, here.


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