Debbie, Christian Woman Talks About Near Death Experience, in the presence of angels and Jesus Christ

This Christian woman, Debbie endured emotional distress while using drugs and alcohol.   She suffered from postpartum depression while often using Cocaine. She was bitter at God and did not understand why she lost her husband and children through divorce.  Debbie's life is a testimony for many of you to realize God can change your life and it does not matter how far you experienced sin, Jesus can set you free.  This woman was drunk when her boyfriend gave her a lethal injection of heroine and she actually died and went to heaven.  God was merciful and allowed her to speak with angels and then, Jesus Christ who demanded she return to earth, although she did not want to.

You need to watch her talk about how she went to heaven and saw the angels, God was so merciful to take her soul to heaven.  After she arrived there, she wanted to remain in the presence of a heavenly environment, but Jesus Christ insisted she had work to do, here on earth.  You see, God allowed her into heaven, so she would return to give a testimony.   It does not matter about the skeptics who doubt near death experiences, Debbie is one of many stories meant to be revealed to humanity, so people will know there is life after death and God is powerful, even after you make mistakes in your life and feel as though you are not worthy.   He is a God of love and expects us to change, after He gives us a chance to accept Him into our lives.

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