The Maya Knew Reservoir Technology

Mayan ancestors apparently had experienced a drought, but to resolve the issue they have their own way.
A temple in the Mayan city of Tikal, where a complex system of reservoirs met the water needs of the growing population. (Picture from:
Recent research has found that the Mayans had a system of irrigation in a sustainable manner. They have a reservoir, which is useful as a water storage area that can collect rain water for eight months and they make the stored water reserves in the face of the dry season.

Archeologists examine an ancient 
reservoir in Tikal, Guatemala.
(Picture from:
Mayan rainwater into a bath filled with sand which is also where the filtration (filtering). Reservoirs are found by archaeologists were able to accommodate up to 74,631 cubic meters of rainwater.

As reported by LiveScience, anthropologist at the University of Cincinnati, Vernon Scarborough said, the Maya able to utilize land and water resources in a sustainable manner for 1,500 years without significant interruption.

In addition to having clean water systems, they also have a sustainable sanitation system. Scarborough and colleagues dug reservoirs, canals, and sluice gates that were once used to drain water from the hilltops to the Tikal settlement residents.

Originally to meet the needs of water, they just rely on natural water; However, with increasing population, the number of natural water is not sufficient anymore. Then they create a natural arroyos (dry river-made), a temporary or seasonal work is filled by rain and flowing water after rain enough.

The study was reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. *** [GI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 02082012]
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