Rows of 5 Custom Cars for Hollywood's Film

For the purposes of the Hollywood film industry was never half-hearted in the figure of a vehicle displaying a mainstay of superhero action in a spectacular finish. Special design of the car and then became famous after the film was released for public consumption. Just look at the positive reaction of the audience after watching the greatness of the appearance of vehicles used by the superhero.

Several cars involved in the movie "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" or "Batman The Dark Knight Rises", able to present not only the admiration of automotive enthusiasts. Some with the support of sophisticated modern technology, but some are uniquely designed to rely on the famous and legendary classic vehicles.

Hollywood is not only able to bring great artists who came to prominence in the arena of world cinema, is also able to create a new popularity for the vehicle or a used car the hero on the work of the cinema. In some films even art found its best through the modification.

Here is a row of these custom cars:

1. James Bond Aston Martin DB5
In each film, Agent 007 James Bond than a beautiful woman surrounded by a classy car is also equipped to accomplish its mission. Among the many advanced used car, Aston Martin DB5 made in England somewhat special. Used in the series "The James Bond Goldfinger", a classic car which was released in 1963 was 3,700 cc engine fitted.

More special because of various modifications, such as body armor, secret weapon, the chair thrower, license plates that can rotate. All equipment can be operated through a hidden panel in the middle of the vehicle arm rest and steering wheel. The DB5 was given a 4-litre double overhead engine producing 282 bhp. It had a top pace of 142 mph and could attain 60 mph in 7.1 seconds.
Aston Martin DB5 1963 James Bond Car. (Picture from:
Aston Martin also produced a high-efficiency Vantage version of the DB5 with an influence output of 325 bhp. The early fashions had a four-pace gearbox, and had an possibility of three-speed automated or 5-pace ZF manual unit.

2. The Ghosbusters Cadillac Miller-Meteor
The car is uniquely designed with a format that has been converted into an ambulance, used by ghost hunters. 

With the basis of a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor present in the 1984 film production of "The Ghostbusters". 
Ectomobile-1 (1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor). (Picture from:
Two heroes, played by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi use vehicles that have been changed as a new form that is Ectomobile-1.

3. Batman Chevrolet Impala
Batman are so iconic superhero is also known as a modified car that can deliver admiration.The famous Batmobile is Batman's weapon to exterminate the criminals in Gotham City. 

This car take Chevrolet Impala chassis which then modified by the addition of turbines in the front, bullet-proof body and a secret weapon mainstay.
Batmobile (Chevrolet Impala). (Picture from:
This car has 20-feet long and 8-feet wide, so you're going to need a Bat Cave-sized garage. It's powered by a Chevy 350 V8 engine, so it's fuel mileage theoretically approaches that of the fictional turbine engine depicted in the flick.

4. Back to The Future DeLorean DMC-12
Antique cars work of Dr. Emmett 'Doc' Brown in the movie "Back to The Future" is a classic convertible sports car. Used DeLorean DMC-12 car which is said could be used as a time machine. 

This fantastic vehicle will turn into a time machine when a car driven at a speed of 88 miles/hour.
Delorean Time Machine. (Picture from:
According to a report from Digital Trends, said the car will be produced again in 2013 with a new electric motor by a company based in Texas, working with startup Epic EV.

5. The Avengers Honda Acura MDX 
Actually there are three variants Acura is presented in the movie "The Avengers" and a mainstay member of S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, Acura MDX 2011 series is built with a fairly spectacular appearance. Honda Motor Company's premium products are a defender of the earth when attacked from the herd of criminals who threaten the fate of mankind.
Acura MDX ready to S.H.I.E.L.D. the Avengers from harm. (Picture from:
Introduced as the cars whiz by dressing all in black body and is equipped with some ammunition, such as the body armor around it, as well as special wheels. *** [DIH | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 03082012]
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