Mourners attack man during funeral service in Houston

Family of murdered Claude Kibby who was gunned down last week attacked a man, Patrick Williams at his funeral service.  They thought the man was the killer when he got up to speak during the service.   It was allegedly said that the family exchanged words with this man and then a fight broke out, so bad, people rushed out of the funeral home.

Eventually, police discovered the family had the wrong man.

We pray for the Patrick Williams who was mistakenly accused and was beat up.  Our prayers also go out to the family of the Claude Kibby.

May Claude Kibby rest in peace, it is such a shame there was none at his funeral service.

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Mourners attack man during funeral service

A murdered Houston man was laid to rest but not before a fight interrupted his funeral service on Thursday.

That afternoon, sources said Patrick Williams showed up at Paradise Funeral Home to pay respects to the relatives of Claude Kibbie.  The 33-year-old father...Read full article, here.

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