Minister Kenneth L. Miller on trial in ex-lesbian child kidnap case

Minister Kenneth Miller who is not related to Lisa Miller is on trial for assisting her to kidnap her own child, Isabella.   We do not know if you recall us doing this story at AT2W, but previously mentioned how God will get the glory out of this situation, because Lisa Smith changed her life and is now a delivered woman from lesbianism.   Although, Minister Kenneth Miller is on trial for assisting her, God will be in that court room while he faces the judge and jury and He will be for his defense, because his actions were for a good cause.

If you do not recall this story, we want to remind you that Lisa Miller bore her child, but she and her ex-lover, Janet Jenkins were both the acting parents that is, until Lisa Miller accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.  During visitations, Lisa Miller was uncomfortable with leaving her child with her ex-partner, because she would allegedly bathe naked with her, according to  Life Site News,  So, as a child of God, you tell us, what would you do, would you feel comfortable with the judge insisting on your child being left with your ex-partner and you are now have been delivered and set free from homosexuality?   Absolutely not, because your life has changed through the blood of Jesus Christ, so you would not desire for your child to remain in the home of a person whom is no longer connected with you and bathing with your child in the nude.

In the meantime, we will keep minister Kenneth Smith in our prayers and we know God will intervene in the outcome of this trial.  Also our prayers go out to Lisa Miller and we still believe God for her to receive sole custody.

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Minister on trial in international ex-lesbian child kidnap case.

The trial of an Amish-Mennonite minister accused of helping an American woman spirit the child she had with her former same-sex partner out of the country just before she lost custody is getting under way this week.

Kenneth L. Miller, 46, of Stuarts Draft, Va., is charged with aiding and abetting Lisa Miller in taking her child, Isabella...Read full article, here.

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