Don't Waste the Peanut Shells Anymore

Who doesn't know peanuts? The food is very popular one is consumed as a snack, either as recreation, watching soccer and others. Peanut (Arachis hypgaea L) is a kind of leguminous plants of the family Fabaceae originating from the United States. Peanut is a kind of tropical plant that grows in shrubs, seeds grown in the soil and has small leaves.

Peanuts can be presented in various ways, can be eaten without being processed first, boiled, fried or destroyed to be processed into cooking, depending on the tastes of each person.

In addition to delicious and relatively cheap, it has a lot of the content of peanuts that are beneficial to our bodies. Peanut seeds contain fat (40%-50%) protein (27%), carbohydrates, lecithin, choline, vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, and K), minerals (calcium) chloride, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur) and amino acids. Nutrient content in peanuts is what can help the body's defenses and prevent various diseases.

However, who would have thought peanut shells was also efficacious. During this  peanut shells are often completely ignored by us. Utilization of peanut shells is still very minimal. Peanut shells is currently only limited use for animal feed only. Whereas in the shells of peanut are the chemical content of a nutritious for health.
Peanut (Arachis hypgaea L). (Picture from:
Chemical content of the peanut skin, for example, luteolin, eriodictyol, and 5.7 - dihydroxychromone. Luteolin are many in the mature peanuts shells, whereas eriodictyol more immature peanut shells.

Luteolin is flavonoid which is a plant that has potential as an anti-inflammatory in vitro and in vivo. Luteolin (flavone) has anti-inflammatory activity by modulating the expression of proinflammatory genes such as siklooksogen-2 (COX2) and cytokines induce nitric oxidesynthase. Luteolin orally, can be used in allergic conditions, chronic inflammation (respiratory, gastrointestinal, bone) atherosclerosis and other vascular disorders. Luteolin on external use can be used for skin allergies and skin cancer prevention.

Peanut shells also contain material that is anti-cholesterol that can lower blood pressure for patients with heart disease. How to use it too easy just to boil the skin peanuts that have been washed first, then drink the water.

This is done regularly every day for about two to three weeks. Then the frequency gradually reduced to once or twice a week. Although the prevention of heart disease, it is not easy, it never hurts to reduce the risk of heart disease by trying to do it.

In addition, the peanut shells also serves as an ingredient in liquid smoke and fogging applications for fish. Liquid smoke is expected to provide an antioxidant effect on consumers.

Antioxidants are substances that low levels of a molecule capable of inhibiting the oxidation rate terget, often referred to as the miracle compound because it can prevent premature aging and various diseases that accompany it. Therefore, from now on do not ever forget peanut shells. We also would plant peanut tree in the yard. *** [NADHIRA HANDAYANI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 02082012]
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